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Also students have to find accommodation to live in and will have to pay for it while they are studying. The most important disadvantage serious problem of studying abroad is that many high potential and talented students go to study abroad as they are offered free education and after completing their education they find a well paid job in that country and thus settle there. Due to this As a result, many developing countries lose have lost many individuals with who were to bring technical skills and knowledge to the developed countries there.

Another disadvantage is that students have to stay away from their families while studying , and thus , sometimes feel lonely or home sick sometimes.

I am having a really bad experience. During academic years school was hard, I stay on campus when most people are gone, its hard to get a job as an international student and I have not made meaninful connection with people. I just have a few familiar faces but not friends. Moving abroad is a big step so student should think carefully. It can be really hard. I totally agree with your opinions. I ofen feel alone and still struggle with speak English.

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S now.. I miss my family a lot.. Sometimes I regret studying abroad and want to go back home. BUT I find it very hard just to go home without obtaining anything from here…. It is totally true.. And sometimes when i faced some difficulty, i used to regret studying abroad.. I really need help. Thank you everyone for the comments!

I really appreciate people taking the time to read about my experience and I love that so many people are connecting to it on such personal levels. I do have plans to return to England. Nothing set in stone yet. Since my time abroad I have moved across the U. I am hoping to get my foot in the door at an international outlet here hey Buzzfeed and hopefully return by way of office transfer.

Grad school is definitely a good idea for returning. Especially if your University that you studied abroad at offers discounts for degree seeking international students that did an exchange there mine does and I know of a few others. And I am still writing! Now that I have graduated, I am not the managing editor of a travel site. Good things come to those who go abroad. This article is fantastic!

It is important for students to consider that there may be some struggles and homesickness while studying overseas. However, ultimately, if they push past it all it can be a great experience! With so many posts that encourage students to pursue their education in foreign lands, I am happy to see such an eye-opening post. People need to see both sides of the coin before they arrive at any decision. Keep sharing such posts that help people to see the reality of the situation and not live in a delusion. I have been very interested in studying abroad and always find something that makes me abstain.

I do not know why Thank you for this information. Yes, There are many advantages of studying abroad, but also some disadvantages. Your email address will not be published. Facebook Twitter Google.

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Differences between living in Germany and the US. MariaAbroad on April 23, at PM. Zoila on November 11, at PM. Syed Kamran on March 9, at AM. Phylicia on May 25, at PM. Uwase on November 17, at PM. Dave on December 23, at AM. Pankaj on March 1, at AM. Bestoon on August 10, at PM. Hi, I am a foreign student in Ottawa canada, I came from Europe and I had high expectations when deciding to study abroad, well now Im back to earth.

BUT I find it very hard just to go home without obtaining anything from here… Reply. Alwosta on November 14, at AM. I think that leaving home can sometimes the best way to realise there is a big world out there Reply.

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Erin on March 6, at AM. Jen Wen on March 18, at PM. Stay focused. Play by the rules.

The Pros and Cons of Studying Abroad

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