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And then Lane pointed to this exchange:.

You have basically a strategy, and I want to get this right. You're not going to pay him off, so he's not going to get the big bucks. You're going to go through the lengthy process to prove that he did something that you can legitimately fire him [for], and then he goes—"See you.

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Owens: That's exactly right. That's exactly right. That process is starting.

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I think it will ultimately result in him being fired. Senator Hank Brown, had been on the board of the organization. ACTA is a Washington-based right-wing academic watch-dog group made up of very powerful forces close to those in power during the Bush regime.

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This week also revealed some crucial elements that point to why the faculty investigation itself was a sham. Getches wrote in an email:.

Whether or not his particular remarks are protected by the 1st amendment, they are not befitting of someone in a position of leadership at CU. He has deeply embarrassed CU and flouted the principals of human decency that CU stands for.

Activist Ward Churchill to speak Sept. 24 - Pittsburgh Current

Moreover, his inaccurate and irresponsible comments cast serious doubt on his competence and integrity as a scholar. Actions 1 Remove him as Director of Ethnic Studies, 2 Suspend him with pay pending review by committee of his competence and fitness to continue as a faculty member at CU. Little or no discussion followed this lone incident, and Churchill continued to lecture around the country.

Then, on January 26, , more than 40 months after the essay was published, bloggers learned that Churchill would appear on a panel entitled "Limits of Dissent? His "Roosting Chickens" essay was re discovered and became the focus of nationwide attention.

The controversy expanded with additional regional, national and international news coverage. Stewart canceled the panel, citing "[c]redible threats of violence" as the reason. Two days later, the Colorado Board of Regents convened in special session and ordered a day University of Colorado-Boulder internal review to determine whether "Professor Churchill's conduct, including his speech, provide any grounds for dismissal for cause," assuming such a dismissal would not infringe on his First Amendment rights DiStefano, , [paragraph] Later, this review was extended to examine charges of research misconduct.

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