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A poor person wouldn"t win an election would they? Not without the deception of the public leading them to believe they were a rich individual. There is no escaping social conflict it is everywhere and will continue to be a part of society forever. Maybe one day Karl Marx"s dream will come true to have society be on an equal playing field but do not look for that to happen in our lifetimes.

Discrimination is a big part of society today and discrimination and favoritism is what social conflict is all about. Discriminating against a person because of their background as opposed to a person with a wealthier background happens all the time and social conflict is the reason for it. Need a different custom essay on Sociology Essays? Buy a custom essay on Sociology Essays.

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This pressure, coupled with society's own conformist attitude, causes certai It started by way of messengers and scribes, evolved through the presentation of newspapers and radio, brought us together with television, and now serves us world-wide via the ever-popular Internet. Social Problems of Ecstasy and Raves Throughout American history drugs have posed a problem to society and lawmakers. Many attempts have transpired to try to prevent future problems associated with Title of Paper : Social Security Social security, created in , is the most costly item in the federal budget.

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Order Now. Log in. Contact Support. Sociological Perspectives on the Family dominant theories of social problems grew out of the structural-functionalist perspective: social pathology and social disorganization. Architecture essays architecture essay writers. Are movies italicized in essays. Home Sitemap. Applied business marketing coursework College research paper writing service I don want to do my research paper Proving a thesis statement Free Functionalist Essays and Papers Three Major Perspectives in Sociology on social inequality from a functionalist, conflict, and symbolic-interactionist points of view.

Radical revolutionary movements are likely to create a new social order in the society in which capitalism gives way to socialism as witnessed by the industrial revolutions that altered the social order in Russia in the 19 th century. The philosophical ideas of Karl Marx on alienation were relevant in his radical reformation periods that saw the fall of capitalism Otteson, Although these ideas were mainly considered to be philosophical in the 19 th century, alienation, as was espoused by Marx, since then has become a real social phenomenon in the 21 st century discourses that are propagated by contemporary social science scholars.

The most outstanding aspect that Marx wrote about was economic alienation or alienated labor.

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He was against alienation which is caused by strong forces of capitalism and predicted the rise of communism in which laborers will no longer work to live but live to work. With the fall of capitalism and alienation, wage earning slaves will be free men who will work and enjoy the value of their labor. However, the employee does not benefit directly from these products. A laborer working in an industry that manufactures oil becomes so much alienated from the product that he or she produces to an extent that even in his or her own household he cannot afford the oil, yet he needs it and contributes significantly to its production.

The ideas of Karl Marx on alienation were very accurate considering that many labor union movements advocated for the welfare of workers in the modern society Otteson, There are employees who work in a milk processing plant, when ironically back at home they do not take the milk, not because they do not need it but because they cannot afford the milk. Yet, their role in the industrial production processes was very significant. The masters determined the wages, number of hours worked, when to grant leaves for recuperation and so on.

In fact, Marx was very concerned with how the surplus value of products processed in the industries manned by workers benefited the workers themselves.

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Marx asserted that in a capitalist society, the surplus value only makes the rich richer as the workers become more impoverished. So worked up were the laborers that they were even alienated from their own families and private lives. They did not have time for recreation, family sessions or other community forums. But when such leaves were finally granted, they were only meant to help the workers recuperate and get extra strength not to benefit themselves but their masters who would then register a rise in surplus value in the industrial production.

Alienation, according to the writings of Karl Marx, can be seen to occur in four different ways. In a capitalist industrialized society, specialized division of labor is used to promote alienation under the disguise of enhancing efficiency and effectiveness in production. Marx argues that an employee, concerned purely with the repair of broken down machines in industry producing oil, may not have enough experience with other production processes in the industry.

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  • The owners of the industry alienate them from this knowledge out of fear that such knowledge might empower workers to compete against the factory owners. Consciousness as defined by philosophers refers to how people or a person defines and understands himself Wood, It is this consciousness that would push the workers proletariats to join other proletariats and put forward a united battle against one common social group, the bourgeoisies.

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    Wood asserts that consciousness would enable workers gain awareness that they all had shared experiences with other laborers, the bitter experience of alienation, exploitation and oppression by capitalist bourgeoisies Wood, There are scholars of Marxism who have argued that the concept of consciousness was used by Karl Marx to depict class as a very subjective dimension in a capitalist society.

    The concept of consciousnerss forms the skeleton of Marx conflict theory. The proletariat will only rise to confront the bourgeoisies after realization that all workers had common problems, all originating from the bourgeoisies. Such awareness by itself is inspiring enough to stir up revolution and protests against the bourgeoisies Wood, Marx argued that it was false class consciousness that continued to sustain the forces and the influence of capitalist ideologies.