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Very soberingly, I soon realised that it was not that people had not read my letter, but that they still had some doubts about what it really meant. Not to put too fine a point on it, they did not really believe the words or that I really meant what I said.

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The answer was not to make the message more strident, but to find operations that had been shut down for safety reasons or where start-up had been delayed and draw attention to them, publicly commending those concerned. If people see an action clearly costing the company money and yet which attracts commendation, they believe the message.

Bader offers some practical tips for anyone who wants to be a pragmatic, corporate idealist or change-maker.

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She emphasises the importance of getting to know key colleagues and engaging internal stakeholders; using language and arguments that they can relate to; of having emotional intelligence and capacity to be a good listener; and the value sometimes of getting external voices to make your case. There is a fundamental change under way regarding how global problems can be solved, and perhaps how we govern ourselves on this shrinking planet. Emerging non-state networks of civil society, private sector, government and individual stakeholders are achieving new forms of cooperation, social change and even the production of global public value.

They address every conceivable issue facing humanity from poverty, human rights, health and the environment, to economic policy, war and even the governance of the internet itself.

Enabled by the digital revolution and required by the challenges facing traditional global institutions, these networks are now proliferating across the planet and increasingly having an important impact in solving global problems and enabling global cooperation and governance. Call them Global Solution Networks.

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This quotation comes from a context-setting white paper prepared by a team led by the Canadian writer Don Tapscott, for a multi-year research programme being run by the Martin Prosperity Institute, at Rotman School of Management in Toronto. This programme is seeking to map the kind of world that both Christine Bader and Mark Moody-Stuart are helping to create and some of the drivers for which they describe in their respective books.

Understanding these new Global Solution Networks, identifying the critical success factors for making them work, and the skills that individuals from different sectors need to be effective in them, will all help to make the kind of multi-stakeholder collaborations embraced by Bader and Moody-Stuart, more viable and effective. These collaborations and multistakeholder, often multisector, initiatives in some measure can be an alternative, sometimes superior, approach to governance.

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They cannot, however, fill the governance vacuum entirely. If the old dual polarity of markets or regulation is now transformed into something far more varied, regulation, effectively and fairly enforced, still has an important place. Prof David Grayson is director of the Doughty centre for corporate responsibility at the Cranfield School of Management. For further information on this multi-year, international research project being conducted by Don Tapscott for the Rotman School of Management, Toronto.

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Make sustainable innovation add to your bottom line. Forgotten Password? Essay: New insight into how global business operates. By David Grayson on Apr 4, Two new books provide some fascinating detail about how big international companies work and how those on the inside can help bring about real sustainable change Regular Ethical Corporationreaders, observing the eight or so new books reviewed in each edition, could be forgiven for feeling overwhelmed by the constant opportunities to expand your library of books about corporate responsibility, business and society, and sustainable development.

Watching things from such a perspective gives the audience a better understanding of the harm committed by the corporations to the society. Specific examples help to create necessary effect. Originally, corporation was created by the government and possessed specific functions. In modern world corporations possess legal rights same as individuals do. Such equality was primary initiated by the decision of the U.

Supreme Court, which gave corporations or time-limited entities same rights as individuals. Such a decision has had a long-lasting effect including misuse or even abuse of monopoly, additional political influence and many others. They treat world-famous corporations as psychopaths. American corporations become the object of scrupulous attention. All the results show that if treated like a person, a corporation would have serious personality disorders.

It is worth to mention that experiment is made by true psychologists and it means that their diagnosis can be trusted. Theoretical basis of the movie gives a lot of exact data and statistics.


This helps the audience to make their own conclusions concerning the problem. The authors use strong arguments in order to prove their thesis. At the same time The Corporation uses entertaining techniques and has things, which can attract audience and entertain it. Exploring on of the most influential models of modern time, the authors of the film are far from abstract rhetoric and pathetic claims.

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Great number of commentators, who express their opinion on the subject, make an impression of professional and deep investigation performed by the authors. In addition to serious investigation and opinion of qualified specialists, wit and humorous narration style helps to avoid dullness.

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Computer graphics create additional visionary effects and adds special charm to the film. The film is challenging not only because it uses innovative approach comparing corporations to individuals, but also because it gives new perspective on the problem with corporation. Filmmakers tell a story of corporations and show how they became so powerful and mighty that even can influence lives of people all over the world. They show dirty tricks used by these corporations and point out the possible consequences if the situation develops in this direction.