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They have both similarities and differences, two of each. The first similarity is the purpose of the competition. It is not only to win points. The purpose is to communicate with your opponents and cooperate with your teammates. The second similarity is the number of people who can play on a team. And one more similarity is that both games are played indoors. Only five people can play at the same time.

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Players need to pass the ball to their teammates to score points. So it is a little harder than outdoor sports. The first difference is the content of the sports. Football players shoot the ball with their feet. But basketball players shoot with their hands.

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The second difference is the goals. Football has a rectangular goal with a net, located on the floor. But the goal in basketball is high above the floor.

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The players shoot the ball into it. That is the second difference. In conclusion I have described some differences and some similarities. The differences are very natural, but also important. I assumed there are a few differences between football and basketball, so the similarities are more numerous than the differences. Which of these sports do you like?

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I like basketball. But the most important fact is that they are both popular. The number of players is the same; they are both outdoor games; and both have goals. But, the goals have different shapes. Lacrosse and soccer have some differences, too. Soccer players are not allowed to use their hands. Lacrosse players, on the other hand, use a stick. Already a global sport, the chances of tennis remaining stagnant or waning in popularity are very slim.

I believe tennis will continue to grow and could one day out-pace field hockey in popularity. With new talent emerging from all over the globe, prize money at record levels, and tennis coverage greater than ever, tennis is poised to continue its upward growth. All signs point to a trend up. Truly, in any sport, the superstars are why a lot of people tune in.

Yes, there will always be hardcore fans who tune in no matter what. I happen to be one. But there are certain players that come along once or twice in a generation that transcend the sport. These larger-than-life personalities bring in new fans and make people interested in the sport. These people turned casual observers or people not even interested in the sport into raving fans.

They even became icons for a whole new generation of young people. But not all athletes need be icons to be entertaining. Even players not as successful can make us want to watch a sport.

Look at John McEnroe. No tennis expert recognizes John as the greatest of all time though he was a top player of his generation but he put fans in seats because of his over-the-top personality. Which hair color would he have that night and which antics would he pull off next? His antics at matches, even during crucial points, always thrilled crowds. In the 90s and s, Andre Agassi was by far the most colorful player and attracted tens of thousands of new fans to tennis.

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I believe tennis needs a colorful personality like that to take a big jump up in popularity. Still, time will tell who emerges as the next tennis superstar. I believe it will certainly remain one of the most popular sports in the world for decades to come. Your email address will not be published. Leave this field empty.

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Where Is Tennis Most Popular? Who Made Tennis Popular? Will Tennis Increase In Popularity? The perfect example is China. Please follow and like us:. Similar Posts. A tennis tie-breaker is played when the game score in a set is For any level player, the serve is the most complicated shot in tennis.

This is Are you looking to add the serve and volley game to your tennis arsenal?

Is Tennis A Popular Sport?

The lost technique of serve After years of playing all types of sports, I can genuinely tell you tennis is Roger Federer was once interviewed by Charlie Rose after winning the U. Open titles. Raised primarily in the Harlem borough of New York City, where Gibson and her family moved when she was young, her life had its hardships. Her family lived on public assistance for a time.

Gibson struggled in the classroom as well, and often skipped school all together, but loved to play sports — especially ping-pong. After winning several tournaments hosted by the local recreation department, Gibson was introduced to the Harlem River Tennis Courts in Incredibly, just a year after picking up a racket for the first time, Gibson won a local tournament sponsored by the American Tennis Association, an African-American organization established to promote and sponsor tournaments for black players. For Gibson, two more ATA titles followed in and After losing one title in , Gibson won 10 straight championships from She graduated from the school in , but it was a struggle for her to get by.

At one point, she even thought of leaving sports all together to join the U. A good deal of her frustration had to do with thefact that so much of the tennis world was closed off to her. The white-dominated, white-managed sport was segregated in the U. The breaking point came in when Alice Mable, a former tennis No.

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A year later, she was a Top 10 player in the U. She then climbed even higher, to No. In , Gibson and her game were sponsored by the United States Lawn Tennis Association, which sent her around the world on a State Department tour that saw her compete in places like India, Pakistan and Burma. Measuring 5-feet inches, and possessing superb power andathletic skill, Gibson seemed destined for bigger victories. In ,it all came together when she won the French Open.

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Wimbledon and U. Open titles followed in and In all, Gibson powered her wayto 56 singles and doubles championships before turning pro in For her part, however, Gibson downplayed her pioneering role.