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Rumours and gossip portray Boo as a malignant and illusive character and children being gullible as they are believe the rumours, whether the gossip is true or not. By adding characters like Boo Radley into the novel Harper Lee shows us that only a few people in Maycomb accept Boo for what he really is, and respect him. Even though a fair majority of the Maycomb residents are severely prejudice, there are a few people who look beneath the surface of different individuals and groups. For example, Atticus. He does not judge anyone by their race, religion, views or anything else that makes them different.

From understanding the context the word is used in, Harper Lee proposes to the reader that the prejudice in Maycomb spreads from one character to another. This quotation tells the reader that the character of Miss Maudie was trying to say that she likes and is proud of the thought that black and white people would be able to use the same things, as well as being allowed to be round one another. I think that by adding only a few characters with non-prejudiced views Harper Lee is able to discuss with the reader on a subconscience level, that even though there is a majority who are always judgmental, there always be some people who can see people for what they really are, no matter what makes them different.

Prejudice in To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

One of the most important examples of a type of prejudice shown in the novel is acism. The entire town of Maycomb, with a few exceptions are racist. They see black people as inferior beings and treat them similarly. From saying this, Mrs Dubose is not only saying that black people should be treated like trash and not as human beings, but she is also saying, the fact that Atticus has something to do with a black person, that he is also as low as a black person.

Compared to Mrs Dubose, Atticus seems to accept people for who they are, whereas Mrs Dubose just seems to add to my theory of the stereotypical characters of Maycomb — being judgmental. In part two of the novel, racism is quite evidently shown by the jury when Tom Robinson is on trial. Atticus knew that although he was going to defend Tom Robinson to the best of his bilities, he would not be able to succeed due to the prejudice the town showed against coloured people. Overall, Harper Lee is trying to show the reader the reality of life, in the time period he novel was set.

But one thing that I think Harper Lee was also trying to put across to the reader that reactions like this can take place anywhere there is a negative reaction to something different. She did this by adding prejudice in the first place, but also discussing it with the reader by using example of different people and then seeing reactions of the narrow- minded residents in Maycomb.

I think that Harper Lee was trying to discuss the theme of prejudice by making it obvious to the reader how easily it can occur and how wrong it can be- ending up taking the lives of innocent people. To kill a mockingbird is one of the most critically acclaimed novels of all time, set in Alabama.

Harper Lee, the author, raises the issues of racism and injustice, though she offers little to solve these issues.

To kill a mockingbird highlights a certain group of characters throughout the novel. This is the group of the "mockingbirds", those that are on the receiving end of injustice and racism throughout the novel. Some of the "mockingbirds" are the main characters, Scout and Jem. The "mockingbirds" are the innocent characters, but that does To Kill a Mockingbird was written by Harper Lee in This year was the height of the American civil rights movement and the period in which black people carried out political protests to gain equality.

A Study Of The Different Types Of Prejudice Depicted In To Kill A Mockingbird Essay

The novel explores similar accounts to Lees childhood and is told through a childs perspective which is vital as this enables the reader to learn moral lessons along with the narrator as they progress through the novel- these lessons prepare them for the harsh events to come in the second part of the novel.

The story is set in the s and takes place This idea is portrayed in many aspects of the novel, and is directed towards both groups and individuals in the Maycomb community.

Prejudice is linked with the ideas of fear, superstition and injustice. It is important because we can see how it affected people.

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Prejudice is said to be "Maycomb's usual disease". Racial prejudice cost an innocent black man, Tom Robsinson's, life, as he has been found guilty without justice. What was the point of being the advocate for ablack man? It doesn't matter if their guilty or innocent, you can ceaselesslyand effortlessly convict the animals for their colour vice. You can even turn ablind eye to the obvious truth.

And so did the "people", the white, narrow-minded, bigoted and hypocritical people of Maycomb.

Challenging Racial Prejudice in To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

The justification for why Atticus broke from the norm, and acted unlike mostothers in his community, can be compared to the motive of the central characterin the novel, A Time And so did the people, the white, narrow-minded, bigoted and hypocritical people of Maycomb. The justification for why Atticus broke from the norm, and acted unlike mostothers in his community, can be compared to the motive of the central characterin the novel, A Time To In this novel, Harper Lee explores a range of different themes. From prejudice and segregation due to race and class to societies beliefs to the right and wrong.

The major theme which runs through out this novel is courage.

1. To Kill a Mockingbird Prejudice Essay

Courage is demonstrated in many ways, such as physical courage, standing up to what you believe in, overcoming personal fears and even childhood dares are all a form of this theme. I would like to determine what 'real courage' means to both Harper Lee and to the characters of this novel. I will do this by analysing two extracts which represent The novel "To kill a Mockingbird" by Harper Lee, is told in the first person, the readers are inside the head of a young child looking back at the events of her family life which took place over a period of two and a half years ago.

In a way there are two narrators to the story, one being Scout as an innocent child and the other, her as a young woman who is learning new things and showing the contrast of how much her mind begins to change as she grows older. We are introduced to the narrative technique However, the dominant discourse of the text is race discourse when Lee goes on to say through Atticus that the important thing in life is to appreciate the good qualities and understand the bad qualities by treating others with sympathy and trying to see life from their perspective.

For example, Atticus is able to admire Mrs. Furthermore, Harper Lee strongly criticises prejudice of any kind, positioning readers to view prejudice through her invited reading, as well as a number of characters and discourses presented in the novel. She positions readers to understand To Kill a Mockingbird, as a story which highlights the serious issues of prejudice, discrimination and injustice which occurred during s, in Alabama and the South of North America.

In conclusion, in To Kill a Mockingbird, author Harper Lee tenaciously explores the moral nature of human beings, especially the struggle in every human soul between discrimination and tolerance. Harper Lee connects justice with innocence to a certain extent and portrays justice as being easily detected. The problem is society can instil beliefs that can act as a veil and blind people from justice.

The only way to remove this veil is through people like Atticus who can pass his morality and nobility to the young. School is sometimes can be fun or stressful. School is where students obtain education from teachers in different subjects, such as Maths, English, Bio, Chem, Accounting and Drama.

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