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Alternatively, as Perry suggested, university lecturers could design the ability to use a ghost writer out of their assessments. I can envisage this taking a number of forms.

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For example, greater use of practical projects could be made, in which students undertake relevant tasks, such as designing and running a charity event as part of a business module. But there may not always be sufficient time, opportunity or resources available for all taught material to be engaged with in this manner.

Second, stop using individual written assignments altogether and replace them with assessment methods that are less amenable to ghostly assistance. Group assignments in which students work collaboratively to produce an essay, report or other output may be a viable choice — the hope being that the social pressure to conform would discourage students from using ghost writers. Research I have been involved in has found that students who said they were most interested in learning favoured being put into a group with students they did not know, while those who were primarily interested in getting high marks wanted to pick those they knew.

With that in mind we might be able to dissuade students from using ghost writers by convincing them that the best way to learn and gain high marks is to work together in the production of their assignments. So swapping coursework for exams may put some students at a disadvantage. A good example would be a final dissertation or research project that students produce under the supervision and guidance of their tutors.

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If lecturers spend time helping students to develop their ideas, construct their arguments, and direct their research then they can also have some assurance that the final piece is the result of a joint effort between the lecturer and student. The obvious difficulty would be finding the time to make this work. Courageous Leaders: promoting and supporting diversity in school leadership development — Cambridge, Cambridgeshire.

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The Maldon UP! Edition: Available editions United Kingdom. Bejan Analoui , University of Huddersfield.

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